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3 reasons why to buy slow fashion brands?!

Slow fashion brand VS fast fashion brands Trends –

 Slow fashion brand encourages consumers to prioritize longevity and ethics over price and newness. But this is an era where the consumer choose to purchase from the fast fashion brands, leaving behind the beliefs slow fashion brands have, due to the fast changing pace of the collections in the stores. but this is changing with time.

fast fashion

Fast fashion as known by everyone presents their customers with new trends and collection in every one week to fifteen days. creating huge amount of pollution from the leftover garments and packaging. but this process of creating products and garments are attracting many customers to their stores, but at the same time are destroying the environment these customers reside in, that goes unseen by millions.


fashion waste

This is a generation that wants everything within a click of a button, by ignoring all the beauty that sustainable process depicts.They see fast fashion as a trend and slow fashion as a boring lifestyle, due to its lack of collection launch in a fast pace, Slow fashion is a term that many lack to observe and understand, it represents sustainable process of their fashion houses, even after understanding the era they are living in and knowing the competitive market space.

Sustainable Buzz :

Sustainability has become a buzzword in 2019. So far this year, we have already seen Glastonbury lead the way as a plastic-free festival, beach clean-ups have filled our social media feeds, and sustainability-led movements such as Extinction Rebellion have made headlines globally. The ‘conscious consumer’ is on the rise. As a result of these widely documented issues, consumers are becoming more and more aware of sustainability and how damaging certain industries are to the environment.

We are increasingly seeing the effects of this in the fashion industry. With growing awareness among the average consumer about how ‘fast fashion’ is harmful to workers and the environment, fashion retailers are starting to take action. Back in April, ASOS amended its returns policy, which now threatens to ‘take action’ if they spot an ‘unusual pattern’ – clamping down on serial returners. While the move was partially motivated by business performance, they also noted that it was a step towards ensuring that their ‘returns remain sustainable for us and for the environment’.

To explore consumers’ attitudes towards sustainability and ethics within the clothing industry further, we partnered with Retail Week using our data from the Walnut Omnibus to survey 2000 GB adults. We looked to understand what consumers are most concerned by in fashion and which brands are leading the way in becoming more ethical.

Slow fashion brand

Change we need –

Though the majority of consumers demand fast process and fast changing trends, slow fashion brands stands true to their beliefs, knowing all the consequences brought by the fast process and knowing the changes ethical process could bring to our environment and the labors working to produce the products. It is process with all the good opportunities at the end, by investing in quality over quantity. And focus on being conscious.

These slow fashion brands are trying to preserve the beauty of not just a product but for complete supply chain involved, by approaching the conscious and ethical process, and this is what that goes ignorant by the people of current generation, due to their fast lifestyle.With all the complications that fast fashion is causing in the fashion industry, consumers still opt for it and helps in its growing market, whereas slow fashion brands are trying to build a market of their own by doing good to the environment, the labors and the customers, even if they are gone unseen by the consumers.It is a movement of transparency and consciousness.

slow fashion

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