Hemp Fabric

Organic Hemp Fabric

Hemp, the cannabis plant comes in the Marijuana family, which is a way towards sustainable living. These plants, that can be used for everything are grown organically for their usage, such as for clothing, nutritious food, paper, building materials and many more. Some of the major key points of hemp are:

- Comfortable to wear
- Durable and Ruggedness
- Blends with light materials
- The more you wash it, the softer it gets.
- Need less land to be grown
- Need mild climate and humid atmosphere with 50% less water per scams than cotton

Ahimsa Silk Fabric

Organic Ahimsa Silk Fabric

Ahimsa Silk, which is theorised by Ahimsa way of life, is a silk produced without killing the creatures, that crafted it. This silk, is a step towards appreciation and support of the beautiful soul and nature that created it. As the motto followed to produce this silk is ‘Beauty without Brutality’, we focus on creating beautiful fabrics with varied weaves such as:

- Satin Weave
- Twill Weave
- Plain Weave
- Brocken Satin
- LW Satin

Organic Bamboo Fabric

Organic Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo, serves as one of the most sustainable plant of our time, which is grown organically, as it requires no pesticides to mature and biodegrades quickly. Bamboo textile that consists of antibacterial quality, is a tread towards the ethical lifestyle. This textile helps to reduce bacteria that thrive in clothing and serves us with multiple properties such as:

- Durability even after multiple wash
- Blends easily with cotton and hemp
- UV Resistant-Naturally hypoallergenic
- Highly moisture and water absorbent, with quick drying
- Kills odour causing bacteria

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Khadi Fabric

Organic Khadi Fabric

Khadi, the hand woven and hand spun fabric is known for our nations freedom struggle, that represents the love for our country and the people in it. It is made by using natural fiber, and is woven in such a way that, this fabric will keep the body cool during summer and warm during winter. As it is referred to as the hope of masses, it is also referred to as the hope our environment.

Some of the positive aspects of Khadi are:

-Durable and Comfortable
-Does not wear out easily
-It becomes more exquisite after every wash
-An extensive use of Khadi implies a significant increase in employment
-It is a step towards rural community of workers-Eco-friendly

Kala Cotton Fabric

Organic Kala Cotton Fabric

Kala Cotton, an organic woven textile, is an interpretation of old craft, into the new market. This is a fabric, that allows us to take a step towards sustainable living, as the production is purely ecological till the end process, no pesticides and synthetic fertilisers are used to produce, it is purely rain fed.

-Durable, Strong and Stretchable
-High tolerance for both disease and pests
-Cultivates Easily
-Takes dye brilliantly
-Sustain farmer and artisanal livelihoods

Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic Cotton Fabric

Organic cotton, the name that in itself represents it’s meaning is a cotton, that is produce by all organic measures. Use of this fabric, comes with various benefits of our environment and our people. It is cultivated in a way that’s less harmful for our environment and requires less water and no pesticides or insecticides.

-No chemical retentions from its garments
-Reduces exposure to allergens and dermatological issues
-Uses lower carbon
-Use of organic cotton, benefits the farmer as they are exposed to less threat

Nettle Fabric

Nettle Fabric

Nettle, the luxurious and sustainable fabric, is completely opposite to the plant it is formed from. This lustrous textile is produced by hand, which leads to no chemical usage, no energy, no machinery and no pollution. This process leads the makers and the users to form a more sustainable environment.

-Keeps body warm during winter and cool during summer
-Easy to produce
-Durable and Strong
-Stronger when wet
-Quickly renewable resource