Pahartah, the name that in itself, is representing the colours of Earth, is a brand of ethical beliefs. To bring back the essence of colours and nature back to life, we here in Pahartah are practising the method of dying with the indigenous Arogya colours on natural textile, as both the things have been in the history of human life since forever, but never been observed, and now these colours will not only be observed, but will also be used on different materials, to introduce diversity and ethical way of fashion to the society. Through this approach we are paving a way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.

Silk Kimono

Our Ethical Approach

We, as initials aim to reduce the use of carbon foot prints by eliminating chemical resources to yield a product, as the use of noxious chemicals didn’t only create unhealthy environment, but also had repercussion on both the wearers and the dyers. We believe in reusing and recycling our waste materials, to create new fabrics and products through it, to bring transparency to the brand.

Pahartah Fashion

Our Working Environment

There are people behind the clothes we wear and we desire for, who more often are placed in a bad working conditions. That’s why, here in Pahartah, we deliver our labours with best working environment, to help them achieve their dreams along with ours. The labours working in our company, are provided with different amenities, so that they are not exposed to any health hazards during the process. Further looked upon, they are given an authority, with the benefit of requesting for their needs when needed.

They are prioritised first before any other needs.

Silk Kimono

Arogya Collection

Love that flows from one soul to another, belief that is linked through one soul to another; Arogya, it is a collection that defines the beauty of our existence with no harmful process. A range of silk kimonos, scarfs, bags and diaries created through a friendly method, that is not harmful for or environment, our creators and our wearers.

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