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Pahartah; A sustainable fashion brand, with our first collection. “Arogya”, a word with many facets, is a soul of nature, that is gone missing from this century. It is a beautiful process of practicing sustainable, harmless, and mindful method of creation. This practice is helping us to believe in the freedom and beauty of crafting something with no viruses.


Wrap yourself in Mother Earth through our sustainable kimonos, embracing minimal and timeless silhouettes.

Handmade hemp bag


Carry an essence of nature with our set of three 100% hemp based bags, which are created in different shades of colours and eco-prints.


Drape the hues around you with our scarfs, that will take you into a world filled with vivid illusions of nature.


Hold a piece of world with our naturally dyed and eco-printed diaries and carve your dreams on our 100% hemp based papers.

Sustainable hemp diary-1
Sustainable fashion brand
Sustainable pocket diary


Voice of nature through sustainable fashion brand

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by Anonymous on Pahartah

This hemp Notepad is a must have utility for office world specially me being a CA.
Recycled pen, Eco printed sticky notes and the paperclips seems unique yet sustainable combination. It's one of the finest diary in my collection. loved it:)

by Anonymous on Pahartah

I love the aesthetics of Pahartah, so subtle and earthy + its sustainable, timeless and are going to last long.

by Anonymous on Pahartah

I had a great time attending their workshop and getting to know how they develope the final product.
Every product they make is entirely natural and there is no use of chemicals.
I also observed a very healthy and positive workplace environment.

by Anonymous on Pahartah

I think the fabrics used by Pahartah are amazing. The natural and fresh feel that's there in Pahartah products cannot be felt with any other brand.

by Anonymous on Pahartah

In a world which desperately needs eco-friendly solutions and alternatives, PAHARTAH is an amazing start-up leading the charge against climate change. Their line-up of products is not only eco-friendly but also friendly to your skin as they don't use any chemicals in the making of their products. It's a sustainable clothing brand giving all of us an opportunity to fill our wardrobes with a wide range of quality clothing products and do something nice for the environment at the same time. A win-win situation for everyone.


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